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corfu-lawyers-invest-greeceAfter the recent developments in the euro zone, all investing insecurity relating to the probable exit of the country of euro zone has been solemnly lifted. On the other hand, recent changes which took place in the fiscal environment in Greece, have made the present time probably the best time ever to start new business in the country. In particular, the new steady and straight forward taxation system, the competitive labor cost (probably the lowest in euro zone), the motivations for new foreign investors, the simplification of the procedures of residence permits for the non EU businessmen and the non EU companies employees and the governmental strategy in attracting new investors, create a unique, very attractive investing environment at the present time.

Our law office has the experience and knowledge to complete the legal part of the procedure where other professionals involved will lead you in your new business step by step. We co-operate with leading professionals such as accounting and economic firms, sales and marketing consultants, agents, web designers. Our law office has the means and the knowledge to co-ordinate the team work required and lead you in this process step by step.

Time to invest in Greece

  • Competitive labor cost
  • Steady and forward taxation system
  • Simplification of procedures

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