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corfu-lawyers-fees-policyFees are agreed in advance in writing by e-mail between our law firm and the client. This e-mail consists a private agreement, a binding contract for the parties and it is prepared and e-mailed to the client by our law firm. Fees cannot be changed once agreed as above. These fees are related to specific legal actions only. For each new action the fee is agreed in advance to be paid in the same way.

A forecast of the total expenses for the complete processing of a case can be made if requested, but this cannot be binding, since it has to be taken under consideration that the course of action and the future required legal actions of each case depends on factors that cannot be predicted, such as the outcome of a court case, the legal options and choices of the counterparty, e.tc.

Generally, our law firm acts with professionalism regarding the fees, which are proportionate to the degree of difficulty, the complexity, the amount of the litigation and other factors of each case.

Features of fees

  • Agreed in advance
  • E-mail – private agreement
  • Ppoportionate to each case

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